Two 2 initiatives to visualize the Broken Bonds       #BrokenBonds

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   #MayDayForLovedAndMissedChildren May 23+26 @Parliament

  Manifestation Thu May 23rd 10am & Sun May 26th 1 pm.       #BrokenBonds     

A silent, peaceful but visually forceful manifestation at the Parliament in Stockholm. Every child will be seen - represented by a golden balloon !
News: 10th day in action, 50th child on the map - 1st outside Sweden - Perth, Australia. Lets make this global and visual!
Next: Planning AW. Tue Apr 23th 5pm Pitcher's Stockholm.

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"I think that mother is saying things to Isabel..."      Lovisa 7 years old.
When Isabel just turned 12 and disappeared as the mother started custody case number two in 3 years - 1.5 year after the first one ended in shared custody and every other week with the kids - against her pleadings. * (Now 8 years without one kid)
"If you sign the divorce papers you will learn to live without our kids..."    Anna did not believe her husband, she was a caring and loving mom with a close relationship with her kids. It turned out that she got very wrong...(Now 15 years without the kids)
"They never give up - and finally the system provides them with what they want..."
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