BROKEN BONDS - raising awareness of widespread child abuse

              Due to lack of time and other - this initiative has been idle since June 2019.
              However, the issue and the vulnerability of these children is still as relevant. We now starting up again slightly.

Focus 2023:

  Define and delve into the crucial questions.

  • Can alienated children be reached and transformed back.
    • Exactly HOW is the best way to reach a child in a "PA hostage situation"?
      • Whick one of Maddie's films is best to start?
      • Then in what order?
      • Can we form local PA support groups in different countries/states? That are ready to support children that are ready to "take the step"?
      • What people should be in these PA support groups? (My thoughts: PA experienced adult who managed to "escape", PA experienced targeted parent, psychologist, therapist - all prepared/trained with knowledge)
    • Many methods out there by different "experts" (that often charge, made a business idea out of their trauma) - But what is the best? What is really working?
  • How can "recovered" alienated children/now adults work together, maybe also in help to reach affected children?
    • Experts and other know a lot - but are not enough focused on action and change. They can help in many ways - but we must take the lead in the change.
    • It's 2023 - this is now a well-known phenomenon with deep research and knowledge. it is time to move into next phase and act.
  • Are there any networks of "recovered" alienated children/now adults?
    • Else we need to start form them now.
    • We have all knowledge about PA, technical skills for secure sites, and leadership to create a sound sustainable arena for these victims.
  • How can passivated close relatives, especially on the side of the alienated parents, be reached, activated, made to understand and then support? (Is it even possible?)
  • How can science on this issue best be presented and channeled to the right people who ought to know.

  World coverage

- To find groups, organizations, initiatives, people in as many countries as possible to gain worldwide momentum.

  PA Severity evaluation concept

Concept for joint understanding.

- 12 dimensions / areas with "controls questions" to determine the characteristics of specific cases. From childs perspective, targeted parent perspective, alienator perspective, "the passive close relative" perspective, society perspective etc. To furter understand the specific case as basis for communication, and decicions for support approach etc. etc.

By this each case can get a better treatment - to understand where they are in the crisis / the trauma - and what characterizes that particular case for that particular individual - hence right common understanding to focus right.

  PA Severity concept example 

  Theory based.

Example (click)
PA severity

  The map of loved and missed children

 Get on the map !

The idea of the map is to visualize. What you see visually is hard to close your eyes to. In this case, each blob represents a number of completely unnecessary lifelong human traumas. Also, all the blobs on the map look like boils on a body - and this is truly a plague boil for civilization and Earth.

World (Sweden) 2019... (click)
World Now

  Map samples

  Hopefully updated soon...

Sweden 2019... (click)
Get on the map !
Get on the map

   Heart broken stories from children not listen to by the society

"I think that mother is saying things to Isabel..."      Lovisa 7 years old.
When Isabel just turned 12 and disappeared as the mother started custody case number two in 3 years - 1.5 year after the first one ended in shared custody and every other week with the kids - against her pleadings. * (Now 8 years without one kid)
"If you sign the divorce papers you will learn to live without our kids..."    Anna did not believe her husband, she was a caring and loving mom with a close relationship with her kids. It turned out that she got very wrong...(Now 15 years without the kids)
"They never give up - and finally the system provides them with what they want..."
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