BROKEN BONDS - raising awareness of widespread child abuse

              Due to lack of time and other - this initiative has been idle since June 2019.
              However, the issue and the vulnerability of these children is still as relevant. We now starting up again slightly.

Focus 2023:

  Define and delve into the crucial questions.

- Can alienated children be reached and transformed back.
- How can "recovered" alienated children/now adults work together, maybe also in help to reach affected children.
- Are there any networks of "recovered" alienated children/now adults.
- How can science on this issue best be presented and channeled to the right people who ought to know.

  World coverage

- To find groups, organizations, initiatives, people in as many countries as possible to gain worldwide momentum.

  The map of loved and missed children

 Get on the map !

The idea of the map is to visualize. What you see visually is hard to close your eyes to. In this case, each blob represents a number of completely unnecessary lifelong human traumas. Also, all the blobs on the map look like boils on a body - and this is truly a plague boil for civilization and Earth.

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  Map samples

  Hopefully updated soon...

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Get on the map

   Heart broken stories from children not listen to by the society

"I think that mother is saying things to Isabel..."      Lovisa 7 years old.
When Isabel just turned 12 and disappeared as the mother started custody case number two in 3 years - 1.5 year after the first one ended in shared custody and every other week with the kids - against her pleadings. * (Now 8 years without one kid)
"If you sign the divorce papers you will learn to live without our kids..."    Anna did not believe her husband, she was a caring and loving mom with a close relationship with her kids. It turned out that she got very wrong...(Now 15 years without the kids)
"They never give up - and finally the system provides them with what they want..."
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