Broken bonds - a child, a parent, a lot of relationships.

Your opinion: What questions do YOU think are most important for us to push 2019?

We will primarily in or work 2019 concentrate on a few concrete issues that we want to make visible and measurable. What do you think about them? Any own proposals or comments?
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1: That Parental Alienation will be official legal standard in my country by being ratified as part of ICD-11* or DSMUnimportant Slightly important Important Very important
2: That all the alienated or affected children will be visualizedUnimportant Slightly important Important Very important
3: That all their lost close relationships will be visualizedUnimportant Slightly important Important Very important
4: That al PA-related costs for the society over time will be visualizedUnimportant Slightly important Important Very important
5: That all initiatives and good forces about PA, custody disputes, loved missed children and similar - starting to cooperate more effective so that we reach furtherUnimportant Slightly important Important Very important
6: Other issue or comments
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Translation in progress this Wednesday April 10th...* ICD: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) is the World Health Organization (WHO:s) classification system for different diagnoses. ICD is the accepted method of classifying diseases for epidemiological, statistical and diagnostic purposes.
Diagnoses that are not there - "don't exist" in the Swedish system and health care system.
Why then is it so important that PA / Parental Alienation becomes a ratified part of the ICD and DSM ? Read further below the table.


MEDEL: Issue 1: 2.4,   Issue 2: 2.8,   Issue 3: 2.4,   Issue 4: 2.3,   Issue 5: 3. (0 är min, 3 är max)
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2019-04-09 21:03:29Vad är ICD-11?
2019-04-09 20:46:19Jag tror att man ska fokusera på att synliggöra hur många barn som direkt är drabbade. Sen tror jag att pengar styr många beslut politiskt vilket gör att frågan om hur mycket föräldraalienation kostar samhället i form av skattepengar mm är jätteviktig för att få frågan uppmärksammad.
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2019-04-09 19:53:12Hur omfattande situationen är måste få prioritet. Sedan kan man kommunicera resten.
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2019-04-09 19:27:25På sikt själva kärnan - hur kan man definiera föräldrar som gör detta mot sina barn.

WHY IS IT so important that PA is ratified in ICD-11 and DSM in Sweden and in your country?
On June 18, 2018, WHO launched the ICD-11 in the form of a digital classification system. This year, in May 2019, ICD-11 is presented to the World Health Assembly. In May 2019, the WHO therefore proposes to the member states that they make a decision on the formal adoption of the revision of ICD, ICD-11. The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare has begun an investigation into the Swedish introduction of ICD-11, which is expected to continue until January 2020. The result of the investigation shall then form the basis for the National Board of Health and Welfare to make decisions on the introduction, process and timetable. It is only when a decision on the introduction of ICD-11 has been made that a translation of the entire classification into Swedish can become relevant. The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare is thus working on the matter but there are indications that they not seem to be in a hurry, and resistance seems to exist with old denial or dogmatic agenda such as that PA is not evidence-based (which is a completely wrong argument) and that it is only a "theory". It is of great importance to influence this.

Everyone who on their very challenging PA-journey has been with the children and adolescent psychiatry, with the Social service, in family court etc. - knows how powerless you are in front of the coward representatives of the system without a by the system accepted explanation model - as if the problem would not exist without it ...
Compare with the diagnosis Aspergers. The German scientist Hans Asperger presented the theory in 1943, only in 1981 did it spread more widely in the world, in 1992 it was included in ICD-10, 1995 in the DSM-IV. Does it mean that it didn't exist before? Now that thousands of children are diagnosed (The diagnosis just entered the broader Autism spectrum).
You are lawless and completely powerless when you meet children and adolescent psychiatry, the Social service, the police, the court and others if you do not have both scientific and legal support behind you in that what the child is afflicted with is found as an explanation model accepted by them - but without they dare not to approach the actual problem for the child, and the minority maybe who would dare - has neither mandate nor tools.
If you then REALLY know how public administration and health care services work and are controlled in practice - then you understand that then, as a parent, you have ZERO capability to lift one's children's REAL problems.


#MayDayForMissedAndLovedChildren May 23+26 @Parliament

Manifestation Thu May 23rd 10am & Sun May 26th 1 pm.

A silent, peaceful but visually forceful manifestation at the Parliament in Stockholm. Every child will be seen !


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