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#MayDayForMissedChildren   26/5 1pm @Riksdagen

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Then why the name brokenbonds ?
A broken bond between a child and parent, for any reason, under any circumstances is a broken heart. Loss of a child through parent alienation is a form of psychological manipulation and abuse whereby one parent succeeds in breaking the bond, love and trust between their child and the other parent. And as if that weren't bad enough, it traps the child into a bond of helplessness and dependence that is similar to slavery. ("Breaking the bond of slavery")

Thanks Laura (Authorized Translator, SWE-ENG), Tecla Communication AB - that supported/managed to get the two dimensions of bond into this.
Barn/f�r�ldrar saknade per stad.
En farsot...

"Jag tror att mamma säger saker till Isabel..."      Lovisa 7 år
När Isabel fyllt 12 och försvunnit då mamman inlett vårdnadstvist nr 2 - 1,5 år efter att den 1:a slutat gemensam vårdnad och växelvis boende mot hennes yrkanden. *
"They never give up - and finally the system provides them with what they want..."
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https://brokenbonds.org ,https://brokenbonds.help and https://saknad.org is a non profit organisation / NGO with foundation in humanism and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). There is only one perspective of interest - the child's
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