Broken bonds - a child, a parent, a lot of relationships.

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There are 1000nds of sites and facebook groups for talking and sharing - it may feel good for the moment - but it makes absolutely no difference or change for you and/or your children
- this is ONLY about ACTION.           

Help and get help NOW !: Examples of help we offer

Background: What do we know.
  • In the serious cases, which you and your children are probably affected by, according to the experience of the world's leading researchers - there is only a probability of about 10% that the children will at some point understand and then have the strength to break away and approach their healthy parent.
  • By 99% probability, the alienator suffers from a complex mix of personality disorders like Antisocial (often with elements of psychopathic tendencies), Borderline, Narcissistic, Paranoid.
    • These people are so complex that it is impossible and pointless to find out the 100% correct diagnosis.
    • We know after endless attempts that they cannot be reached by any means or through any other party.
    • We know that they are capable and willing to do just about anything to get what they want.
    • We also know that they can be incredibly likable and appear completely harmless to everyone - as long as they get what they want.
    • Their ability to manipulate the system and use it and people along their way as "useful idiots" is very high and devastating.
  • We know that for many reasons, all of society's agencies are completely unable to understand or solve our or the children's situation. We have known this for decades and there is a large amount of evidence-based research that supports that this is the case. But the system has neither the will nor the ability to change itself.
  • There are many who get involved and who believe that this can be solved in the existing political system and society. Then you have not understood how things are connected and that it is this system that has created the problem. If you still believe in these decades of failure, then you should continue there and not consider this option.
    "You can't change a system by fighting the system itself"... (Buckminister Fuller)

Then what do we do - and what can YOU do?     Join or questions
  • Join this vigilante-style strategy. It is the only thing that can make change.
    • Take part in a strategic plan with actions, linked over time based on knowledge about system and people.
    • Be strengthened and strengthen others by participate in a team of action oriented people that back each other.
    • Feel relieved and energized by not wasting time with people who only talks, but never delivers when it counts.
  • We have recurring meetings to discuss and decide actions.
  • The actions is of general kind, but also specific to support each others case.
  • We are country-specific groups - PA exist all over the world.

Examples of help we offer
  • SMS and more to alienated kids when the alienator made the kids block us on the kids phones, social media etc.
  • Help each other to gain understanding about the kids actual situation - in ways you can't do by yourself.
  • Communicate to your kid(s) if something happens to you.
  • And more. We will tell you on our live meeting.

  • A broken bond between a child and parent, for any reason, under any circumstances is a broken heart. Loss of a child through parent alienation is a form of psychological manipulation and abuse whereby one parent succeeds in breaking the bond, love and trust between their child and the other parent. And as if that weren't bad enough, it traps the child into a bond of helplessness and dependence that is similar to slavery. ("Breaking the bond of slavery")
    A plague...
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