Broken bonds - a child, a parent, a lot of relationships.

For the children, sisters, brothers, moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, friends ...

It is time to raise awareness of the uncomfortable, sad facts about the affected children.

The right facts presented in the right way can shatter the most rigid denier ...

- COOPERATION IS THE KEY - The specificity, focus and driving force of various initiatives in this matter must be taken into account. Brokenbonds / Missing is based on the thesis that "You can't change a system by fighting the system itself" - the idea is therefore to try to find new approaches. It is not meant that this should copy any other initiative. The ambition is to consciously try to think outside the box regarding methodology,problem formulation, etc. And with this as a base work closely with other initiatives with the same or similar goals.

Here soon strategy, activities, partners etc. will be further modified and presented.

Code of conduct
- Strict "factual orientation" as a basis - avoid traps such as fears and emotions - which are good sometimes but which in this initiative just pulls focus away.
- This is about childs life being ruined. We have a conscious constant vigilance NOT to end up in the "war between sexes/genders" or in the political polarization - if this is lifted here by someone - there are forces that want to take us there - don't buy it.
- As mentioned, "You can't change a system by fighting the system itself" - the idea of this is to try to find new approaches. It is not meant to copy any other initiative. The ambition is to consciously try to think outside the box regarding methodology, problem formulation etc.
- Cooperation is the key - the specificities, focus and driving force of different initiatives must be used.

Cooperation: Some initiatives in Sweden. But we are looking for international cooperation to share learning and power.

We have a group of experts: Child psychiatrists, lawyers etc - all with good resumé and the child perspective in focus.

What shall brokenbonds do
- Rise awareness - first action in May 2019 with our parliamnet demonstration.
- Adress approaches regarding collecion of facts, data, validation and anchoring.
- Being a dynamic learning power.
- Develop new methodologies.

Strategy / Plan
- February 2019: Version 1 is developed and tested. First key figures and the strategy are set.
- March 2019: We start building basic facts about our cases from those who know best - spread the wordto other victims you know.
- March 2019: We continue the interesting work of defining WHICH indicators/key figures we should start with in 2019.
- Q2 2019: Member approach, core team, methodology development.
- Q2 2019: International (English) site is rolled out.
- Q2 2019: Network and expert advice set, media strategy, channel strategy, financing.
- Q2 2019: Visualization strategy and Delivery strategy are rolled out.


Examples of indicators/key figures to address shortly.

- Number of missing children (see example here). - Number of relatives without children. - Time spent as a child. - How far away is the child.
- Concretely how children are affected (school results, well-being, etc etc etc according to research).
- The different phases and parts of the process - what does it look like, what patterns recur - what conclusions can be drawn - and why is it not done?
- What is often ducked and avoided - CAUSE focus for this happening and being allowed to continue. - What can be MEASURED - and what different costs exist for society. When something is measured, change can be followed up. - When costs become clear, it becomes difficult.
- Facts that cause a loss of prestige for politicians / parties / others. - Unfortunately, society is rarely changed by good motivations - but rather by fear of making mistakes or getting in a bad light - so let's ask difficult questions and link difficult facts to parties and those responsible.


  2019: Manifestation in May outside Swedish parliament.      #BrokenBonds      

A silent, peaceful but visually forceful manifestation at the Parliament in Stockholm, and maybe more cities around the world if we succeed. Every missed child will be seen represented by a golden balloon! - and their lost relationships.
#BrokenBonds    #MaydayForLovedAndMissedChildren
On Sunday May 26th, the EU election peaks - and it is full media focus in town. Suggestions are to supplement this with a weekday lunch, perhaps   Thursday 23 May at 10am - 2pm when all Members of Parliament have lunch. Maybe we should also take Saturday.
Some respond to May 26 being Mother's Day -   I do not see any problem with that - since I support the vast majority of good mothers (and fathers) that really understand and make sure that their children get to meet and have a close relation to the other parent.


  1. Visualize and rise attention to the extent of this national trauma and the affected children in Sweden (and the world). And the number of close relationships affected.
  2. Pay attention to the fact that there are no functions or bodies in society that have the mission or the right skills to drive this issue, or where neither children nor afflicted relatives can turn - now or later in life when trying to get their lives together in the consequences of this.
  3. To clarify, with a few simple and clear measures, the cost to society for this national trauma. Both when the conflict begins, and then lifelong through consequences of different kinds for the child. We have started collecting data to be able to show this.


This site is Privacy secured - all data handling is SSL encrypted. GDPR compliant 2019.  * Both fathers and mothers are perpetrators in this. , and is a non profit organisation / NGO with foundation in humanism and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). There is only one perspective of interest - the child's
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